Saturday, August 4, 2007

Los Conquistadores de Agua

The crazy lady dug out the graph paper and various measuring devices. She drew the layout of her lot and designed a drainage system that would flow all of the ground and roof water out to the street and avoid soaking Ms. Ruby's foundation. Plan in hand, she picked up the phone...

The parade of landscapers, contractors, and landscape architects went on for a couple of weeks. Optimists ("You only need the pipes about 4" under the surface.") and pessimists ("We'll have to dig out the whole foundation and waterproof it.") were eliminated. Right smack in the middle of the price range was a nice Mexican man who had just done the same job at his sister's house a couple of miles away. Bingo.

His crew showed up a couple of days later and covered the yard in plastic, so it wouldn't be so drenched after an upcoming storm. The nice man said they'd start in as soon as it stopped raining.

The crazy lady left for the Holidays secure in the knowledge that she'd come home to work in progress.

Well, it was a nice thought...